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In the beginning it was all about yardages. Golfers desperately needed distance. They still do and we still provide them, but nowadays they come in different guises; as yardage books, electronic apps and signs on the golf course.

These days our job is about more than yardage alone. The golfing data we provide still remains as good as any you can find on the market, and also include new dimensions. Our skilled designers are now able to transform any fuzzy aerial image into a perfectly manicured summer course with precise undulations and surrounding greenery.

The Oscar Jacobson Dream Course is a beautiful illustration of this. The Nordea Masters Audience Guide from Bro Hof Slott is another, as are a further 200 golf courses in Europe.

Most golf clubs - quite rightly - are very proud of their courses and the ever increasing need for good marketing communication in line with advances in technology. More than ever, they appreciate the value of being able to present their main product, their unique golf course. Just as you can view the range of Volvo cars or the exquisite collections of Oscar Jacobson clothing, our customers can now proudly present their courses - in all contexts and wherever future guests may be located.

Golf is a truly passionate pastime for countless men and women. And while we are aware of our own mortality we can also sense the need to preserve our beautiful courses. It is our job to document them. And help make them stay green forever.


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